The Farm Crew At King’s Home ~

The Farm Crew At King's Home ~


I am sharing this to ask for your prayers. We need the power of prayer for guidance and discernment and safety when it comes to this program. I ask for you to please remember us in your daily prayers. These kids are broken. Heartbreaking stories of abuse and abandonment. Praying that the Lord can make a difference in their lives through what we teach them about horses and our Father in Heaven.

I am honored to be a part of, The Farm at King’s Home. It is a non profit organization that has been in Birmingham, AL for a long time.

King’s Home has been home to hundreds of youth, women, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness, and other difficult and impoverished conditions and circumstances.

The farm program has just recently opened up in the last couple of months. It is introducing horses to the kids. I am a horse lover/owner and my three horses are a part of who I am today. They provide so much therapy.

This picture below was taken this morning. It was my first day to officially be with the kids. It was us four this morning working with the children. What an honor to be a part of The Farm program at King’s Home. What a great morning with people who have a heart for horses and the Lord ~ Teaching the kids that reside here all about horses from the ground up. Today, was rope tying techniques taught by Charlie. Leading a horse and grooming a horse. Great leader, Great kids and a great program ~

If you would like to read more about what this organization does here is their links- visit our website Thanks.

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2 Responses to The Farm Crew At King’s Home ~

  1. Vernon says:

    Wow! That’s awesome!


    • darla05 says:

      Thank you Vernon ~ I was absolutely THRILLED~ Doing what I love to do. Horses, teaching children and weaving the teachings of our Lord in the day to day activities of our lives. HOPE you are good ~ Have a blessed day ~

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