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Prayer vs. Presence

  True Christian friends are like streetlights along the road, They don’t make the distance any shorter, but they definitely make the road easier to navigate when they are  traveling the path with you. My husband has been saying around … Continue reading

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Cardiologist, Endless Tests And Changes

  Have you ever asked yourself after having a run of life changing things happen to you, “What else can happen?”  As you can see from the picture above there are changes happening immediately in our home. My son is … Continue reading

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Dear Past, Thank you for the lessons, Dear Future, I am READY ~

      Having FAITH doesn’t mean you have no doubts or fears. It means you trust God and do what’s right in spite of your fears~ September has been a month shadowed by darkness. Saying goodbye to one I … Continue reading

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Sometimes, God takes a long time to move…. Suddenly. ~ Standing on the promises of the one that holds time in HIS hands and age to age HE stands ~

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In An Identity Crisis, Who Defines You ?

So many things in this world are clamoring for our attention. I don’t know about your life but I can tell you mine has been on speed dial for quit some time. There are times that we can all give … Continue reading

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~My Grandmother’s Work On Earth Is Done~

Sometimes, finding the right words to express what I feel is hard. I don’t know if there are words to adequately describe the events of the last week. Saying goodbye to my Grandmother this past week has been one of … Continue reading

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    We all have days when we question, we have a setback, we feel defeated. The mountain just seems to high to climb. I keep thinking over and over about the scripture Phil. 4:13.  Most of us know it. … Continue reading

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