Confidently Call On Him ~



Reading this morning from different books and  in the word, I really feel that the Lord is showing me to not underestimate the power of prayer. He is reminding me to confidently call on him that I may see His mighty hands work on this earth.

I cannot totally wrap my head around the word confidence. I have battled back and forth with confidence for years. I placed  my confidence in the wrong people and valued the wrong things such as trophies, awards and accomplishment for years. How many of us say I wish I would have known then what I know now?

Many times I LET people who have caused me pain paralyze me from joy, peace and confidence. I GAVE them the reins so to speak. I allowed unfair judgment in my past  to dictate how I felt about myself and I allowed it to control my future for way to long.  The only thing that truly freed me from deep pain and baggage that I buried for years is the power of Jesus Christ. When I truly laid the baggage down once and for all , HE picked it up and I have never experienced the kind of freedom that I have today. NO, It is not all wine and roses. Yes, I still get frustrated, hurt and at times angry at what people will do.  Yes, this journey that I am on is a bumpy road and the battle is fierce at times but it is truly worth the ride. For I know, for us to be a difference maker for Him the enemy will be planning his attacks. He will throw the fiery darts from every side at times. I am understanding more and more about standing alert and firm and putting on the whole armor of God EVERY SINGLE DAY. I also know that the battle has already been won !

The Lord has used  heartache to show me that HE and HE alone will love me perfectly and like no other. He has taught me through the lessons of others that have come in and  out of my life that I need to choose wisely the ones I allow in my inner circle and who I place my confidence in, let me say it again, CHOOSE WISELY ~ For years, I continued to search for something or someone else to give me confidence and the strength I needed. It took me a long time on this continual search to realize that strength and confidence only comes from the Lord. He truly made the ultimate sacrifice because he loved us. Self help books and relationships may make us feel good for awhile BUT the firm assurance that God values and loves us only comes from God.

He wants us to confidently call on Him. He wants us to confidently strengthen the unique gifts that He has placed in each one of us. We must have confidence that when we speak encouraging words in someone’s dark hour that it will bring light to their path. When we pray for a friend who is lonely it will usher in HIS comfort. He wants us to embrace humility. God’s power is made perfect in our weakness. ( 2 Corinthians 12:9) When we boast in our weakness, God’s power will rest on us. I have learned to humble myself under His mighty righteous hands. Then and only then will He exalt me when and how he chooses.

I read this morning that, “there is an invisible war around you and your prayers are the evidence that my power is at work in the world.” One day, on the other side of eternity , we will see how our prayers affected and protected lives where we lived.

Please know that everyone is fighting some kind of battle. So many fight battles that few know anything about. I trusted few and carried so much weight on my shoulders. It is hard for me to share intimate details of my life or share hurtful areas of my past but I am finding out when I do the Lord will use that for His purpose and His glory. He truly shows us that he can turn the biggest mess into the greatest message for His purpose. I love the saying, ” Don’t judge her for you do not know the storm I have asked her to walk through. Signed God.” I can say I truly try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Once you have experienced harsh unjust judgment it creates in you the virtue of empathy. Even though I have felt judgement and said I would never do that to others, I have many times.  We are all guilty of judging others. It is something I battle still and I have to continue to talk to the Lord and ask for forgiveness. It is part of that less of me and more of you lesson that I am still in the midst of learning from the master teacher.  I want to know the why behind the what. What motivated them to do that? Why did you say that or do that? I am learning that it is ok to  not always get  the answers I seek. God sees what is happening and he is a just God. He will not allow injustice to continue without His justice being served. He is our protector and he will be our defender. God will contend with those that contend with us. How thankful am I for this blessed assurance ~

I pray that we all  have the confidence to take this weapon of prayer and use it continually. I pray that we will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and we will be an unstoppable force . I pray that mountains will  be removed and souls are saved and that we NEVER doubt HIS promises that He hears the cries of His children.

I do feel the war around me and I am battling battles  and this warrior has truly laid down her sword at his feet and cried.  I am so thankful that this Sovereign Father that I serve gives me time to rest in a fortress that only He can provide. So after my season of rest I am once again lifting my sword for I know within my soul that the Lord will be my confidence and will keep my foot from being snared. Lord, teach me how to pray. Teach me your ways and thank you for never ever giving up on me ~  Thank you that I am your workmanship. I am a new creation. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am an overcomer and I am FREE. You are faithful and You and you alone are worthy of all praise by all creation ~




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