Car Wreck and Valentine’s Day-


Because (she) loves Me says the Lord, I will rescue her. I will protect her, for she acknowledges My name. Psalm 91:14

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sunshine, working around the farm  and hunting awesome little gems in salvages stores for our farm. We decided to grab a pizza at Salvatore’s and take it home for dinner. This city woman gone country really loves the simpler way of life now.

Turning on our highway, one mile from home, I was at a dead stop with blinker on to turn left and waiting for a car to pass me, when all of a sudden, I did not have time to say anything to Don, in a split second, ALL I could see is this big silver truck coming straight at us in the rear view mirror. The jolt was so hard when it hit that it knocked one of my earrings out of my ear onto the dashboard. My sunglasses went flying off also with my hair pulled out with them.  When the impact was over, I looked around and  thanking the Lord that Don was fine. The young teenage driver was fine.  The young man was on his cell phone messing with his bluetooth and looked up and never had time to put on his brakes. IF we would not  have been wearing our seat belts, we both would have been thrown into the  front windshield.

I was immediately hurting. I guess because I tensed up seeing it was coming and Don never knew what hit us. The ambulance came, firetrucks and all the cops and state trooper. I signed the papers stating I did not want to go on an ambulance ride for Valentines. But, oh Lord, did I already feel the soreness.

Amazing Grace on Valentine’s Day. The first words were I cannot believe how well the Lexus SUV held up. A direct hit at a fast pace from a big Toyota Tundra. The trucks front bumper was pushed back to his wheel base and yes my car took a major hit but it was still drivable. We were ok. We both said to each other it was God’s protective hand.

Is a wreck what you want to happen to you anytime much less Valentine’s Day? All of our answers will be NO NO  ! But, on this day we celebrate love, we were once again reminded of the ultimate love. His GRACE has happened to us.  HIs grace and mercy and protection found us.

This morning when we have to do all the not so fun stuff, insurance company call, take the car to the body shop and get the rental as so many of us know the drill. It is ok because My God alone is my rock and my salvation. He is our mighty rock and our refuge, we may stumble but we will not fall for the Lord holds us by HIS hand and commands his protective angels over us.

God never gives a thorn without his added grace ~ Grace and more grace came after us like a white water riptide on Valentines.  God’s grace finds ways of coming after us in ways that we never thought possible.

Amazing Grace… how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me… sing with me this morning…… T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far…
and Grace will lead us home.

We made it to home sweet home,  our horse farm, Summer Breeze Farm ~




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