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Just… Be Still

  The remodeling of the old farm home. How do I make it mine on a budget? It is going to take time, TIME- I am one that wants it done quickly. Yesterday as I was in Hobby Lobby looking … Continue reading

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Because I Said So…

In these early morning hours my soul is restless. I grab my computer and try to write down the thoughts that are running in my head. Do I trust you Lord? Do I trust? When I don’t know why the … Continue reading

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Clarity… by the ocean ~

A  beautiful friend sent this to me  while I am here at the beach. How her timing is  perfect ! I am trying to find my foundation again, my balance. I am praying for the first time in months. I … Continue reading

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What Is The Wise Thing To Do?

“The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away” – A lot of truth to this. Sometimes, we have to walk away because this relationship is not … Continue reading

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Unless… You Believe In God

Praying the same prayer for years. Praying for that door to that dream to open. Have you been there? I think of the story of the persistent widow in the Bible.  Let’s read it again. Luke 18:1-8 (NIV) 18 Then … Continue reading

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    This morning, with tears running down my face and I am sitting here in the silence before you, Lord.  I am reminded that you are all I need.  I am so thankful for your grace and your mercy. … Continue reading

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The Only Thing…..

Boy oh Boy, have the conversations I read been heated the last week  especially here  in Alabama. Gay Marriage, Supreme Justice  Roy Moore standing against gay marriage and  he issued a ruling for Probate Judges to not issue license. The … Continue reading

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