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~May We Seek Boldness Like Never Before ~

Many people today are speaking out about the messages in churches today. They are being watered down so that they will not offend anyone.  The numbers are more important than conviction of sin . They stay away from the hot … Continue reading

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The Lord Has Come For The World ~

  I know I am going to step on some toes in this post, But please, I ask and pray that you continue reading anyway. I read so many post with being in several groups of Christian writers. I read … Continue reading

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Keep Moving Forward ~

Keep Moving Forward~~~~~~~You might not be going very fast but always keep moving forward. The Apostle Paul writes that he was, “forgetting what was behind and straining to reach the prize that was ahead.” Don’t focus on how far you still have … Continue reading

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~To Believe What I Already Know~

    As I sit here in the silence, I ask the Lord, what do you say to someone who is going through the deepest valley that they have ever faced? The deepest water they have ever been in and … Continue reading

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