Filled with the Fullness of God, What does that really mean?



“And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”

Surpass knowledge? How do we become filled with the FULLNESS of GOD?

I listened to a sermon from Francis Chan this morning. It really has me thinking and searching on this scripture.

Paul is writing Timothy. In this book of Ephesians,  Paul  speaks about the ends times and describes how rough they are going to be. But, hey listen up, go read the Bible for yourself. When you think about it, the world has always been the world. The world was  bad back then, people were killed for their faith. Tortured and thrown in prison . The world is bad now.  Reading and studying , Paul, is talking about the church.  Isn’t this chapter really talking about when the sins of the world have starting creeping in the church and we can not distinguish the difference is when we know we are in the end times?

Folks,  let’s be real, we are in the times where we have to quit playing church.QUIT PLAYING THE ROLE. Quit checking in on FaceBook every time we walk in church for the world to see. God sees when we go to church, he does not need us to check in on FB to let him know. So who are we checking in for? Have we been known to throw a few scriptures out at someone and pat ourselves on the back. Do we feel good about ourselves because we have spent five minutes with God in prayer and we can check it off our to do list? Our culture is spiraling out of control. As Francis Chan said this morning, GET OVER YOURSELF ~ We need mighty, powerful prayers. I read a quote, Don’t tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem you have a BIG GOD ~

To obtain the fullness of God is to do something we have never done. To strip ourselves of anything that is hindering us from following him completely. For each of us , it is something different but trust me we ALL have restraints that are holding us back.

Being comfortable creates complacency most of the time for me. It does not have to but let’s be honest and take a good look at ourselves and our own struggles and sins.

It seems to me that Paul’s’ desire is for Timothy and the church to grow in God’s love. He has a specific purpose. The only other time this phrase is mentioned in scripture  again is Colossians 1:19. “For in Jesus all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell. ” Clearly Jesus was divine. But, scripture tells us the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us!!! Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

So, what is holding us back?  Look in the mirror, You are.  I am. Our purpose as CHRIST-ians is to be filled with Jesus as much as possible. How do we start taking the right steps to  have this fullness?

Lord show us,  how do we become?  Teach me to become. Show us the way to have the fullness of you. Open our eyes to our complacency , anything that would keep us from following you. My heart has deceived me many times before and I have walked in my own desires, STRIP away all of my selfishness and clothe me with more of you. Lord, you have searched  all of us. You have searched me and you  know me well and even so you still invite me to come into your presence. HE STILL invites us. He still loves us. Right where we are, He wipes the dirt off our face and dust us off and says come join me.

Heaven knows there should be no difference between Sunday morning and the rest of the week. Our father wants to speak to me here on a horse farm in Wilsonville, Al with my bed head and no make up on this Saturday morning as he does when I dress up in my favorite outfit.. We may go days without thinking of him, but there is not a moment when he is not thinking about us.

The word says in  Galatians 5:6 the only thing that matters is FAITH expressing itself through love. So, taking this scripture and believing this is true, God knows that love both thoughts and actions is the KEY to the fullness of God in the life of a Christian.

Our hearts are like a garden. There are some flowers and there are some weeds. We need just the right amount of fertilizer, sun and rain and that can only come through spending time with him. At times the pruning is painful but I am leaning on you Jesus. Forgive me for the times this week that I have not represented you well. But, I know no matter where I am and what trials I am facing, whatever the season, by your grace I stand for as the song says, there is healing in your hands.

May we sow the seeds of love and goodness so that we can enjoy this fullness of God that he wants for each of us. For in his presence there is fullness of joy.

Starting today, please join me, I would love the help, prayers and accountable of friends too,  one step at a time, one day at a time,  may we be willing for the Lord to teach us and guide us like never before in 2018.






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