The Stirring of my Soul



The more I come back to a place of worship. The more I discipline my physical body to stop and spend time with my Heavenly Father, my thoughts are like my beloved KitchenAid mixer. The beaters start to run faster. The joy of the Lord starts running over.

A quest has started within me. I have questions now more than ever. How do I live loved EVERY DAY? Even on those days when I feel rejected?

How do I share the Lord… better?

How do I live un-offendable?

How can I be better at being a follower to the God I serve? When I do this, I automatically will be a  better wife, Mom and friend, ______  fill in the blank.

I have told a few people  I trust and respect about the stirring happening inside me once again. As my beautiful little business partner said to me today, “YOU thinking deep !!!”

The Lord and my hour together is the 3 am hour by most accounts. It seems like this is when he whispers, come to me and converse with me. Or then again it might be him saying, it is the only time I could FULLY get your attention Darla so 3 AM it is. That is a topic for another day.

My quiet time is back to involving reading too. I am obsessed with the book, Uninvited. There are so many truths. I better bring out ALL my different color highlighters. I am taking notes. I am writing down quotes. Writing questions to ponder for my take aways from each page I cannot contain. It is like having free range in a candy store as a kid. All my pockets are filled to the brim. I have folded the bottom of my t-shirt and stuffed it full with candy, holding my  folded shirt with both hands to not spill any but they spill over anyway.

So here the truth take away so far today. Sometimes we think those awesome positive thought about our loved ones and friends but we do not take the time to write them or tell them. I want to challenge you today. Every person you encounter today has some deep hidden hurt. EVERY PERSON is desperate for your love,  acceptance and encouragement. Every person, from the server at the restaurant , your Mom, Dad, Husband, child, friend,  coworker. Every person has some deep wounding in their heart that your love and acceptance could speak to in a powerful way.

How can we weave the positives into others today??? Life change happens in relationships.

Change starts with me ! Change starts with you ! We are to bring the fullness of God. We have to represent him or look at it like we have to RE-present God everyday.

When we change our lens and look at it as we RE-present God in our daily situations. The dictionary says, (present (something) again, especially for further consideration or in an altered form.) We will understand that it is our job if we walk into an air of discord, to bring  peace. It is our job to BRING IT ~

It is up to us if we pick up the baggage that is thrown our way throughout the day. We have a choice. When the trash is slung our way, Recognize it for what it is and say No- No , I am not going to pick up that negative vibe you just laid down because…. I AM  LIVING LOVED.

The more we learn to live LOVED, the more we are able to  truly display love to others. The enemy want us to feel less than, rejected, left out and lonely. BUT GOD says, we are loved. Loved with a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken or taken . His love is full warranted. His love is eternal.  He is with us and He will never forsake us.

Truly as Natalie Cole sings … This will be an EVERLASTING LOVE !

P.S. Get the Book !


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