Becoming Fearless


2 Timothy 1:7- is my scripture. Notice I did not say it was my favorite scripture that would be Phil. 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

2 Timothy 1:7 is the scripture that if I turn to left, it is there, if I turn to the right, it is there. It follows me wherever I go. So much, that I humbled myself to  own it and put it on a bracelet as a reminder to me.  Most people, call me anything but fearful.  It is an Italian gene to be bold.  But, God knows my heart. I am fearful of many things, One, stepping up to the battle line where he has called me to be. Front  line and center. I am much more comfortable behind the scenes. When you are on the front lines, you have to be fit. Have to have a strategic plan. Have to drown out all the noise around you. Have to be focused at all times.  Have to act and not react.  Have to always be accountable for your actions and know  there are others behind you that you are accountable for if you stumble and fall. Sounds like a lot of responsibility.

He has sent so many confirmations. His reminders, His probing . His word that says, this is not about you, it is for others.  You are the tool, I am the  Mighty Craftsman. You are my princess warrior but I am the King. When you are not actively pursuing and stepping out  in faith into the will of God, it can be a very uncomfortable place to be living in. We say we like our comfort zone but he can make that very  place uncomfortable so we will move forward.

What are your fears?  We all have them inside. What is stopping you from stepping up to the plate ? Who is He crafting you to be? For we are all Princess Warriors Or Prince Warriors for the God in which we serve.

As I take this scripture to heart one more time, God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and self discipline. How I have to let that sink in.  Love, Lord, some people are just too hard to love. Discipline, Lord, do you see all what is asked of me already?   HE does and he still requires  discipline to not let my mood dictate my manners. Power, some days I am good to put one foot  in front of the other AND not kill someone who hurts me or others that I love  and they do it with no regard. I understand the bridle example in James so well after having horses. We all need duct tape. Guess, it was not around in the Biblical days. But, we all need lots and lots of cases of duct tape. For our mouth and hand it out to others when a brother or sister needs a reminder.

God calls things as they are in His eyes, not as we see things.  HE truly calls the things that are not as if they were. Just like Elijah seeing dry bones come to life.He called Gideon a valiant warrior when he was hiding and was afraid to fight. HE called him Valiant Warrior several times BEFORE he showed any attributes of a warrior. Gideon, was saying, “Who …me? You surely have me mixed up with someone else.”

God gave us the stories in the Bible as reminders. What a reminder it is! ,  The Lord whispers , I AM the same God who gave Gideon strength to win his battle AND I AM YOUR GOD.

I am still learning the only time fear , doubts, unrest, anxiousness, anger ( No, not the righteous anger, keeping it real)  will overtake my heart is when I have taken my eyes off of God, PERIOD. I looked up a word yesterday that someone shared with me to get the true grasp of it, Disquieted. It is to be worried, anxious, perturbed, agitated, unnerved, unsettled, discontent, troubled , upset. Boy does that cover a lot. So, what are you disquieted about? There is a list for me that I have to bring before the foot of the cross and nail it there !

This morning as I read my devotion,  I am reminded, as long as I am walking in God’s truth, I have nothing to fear. No matter what it looks like now, victory will be mine. So, I have to fear NOT, He will never leave my side, day or night, He is beside me. Equipping , guiding , I must simply listen and more importantly, quit over thinking , quit the why’s, quit the what if’s, simply close my eyes , step out in the unknown and obey.

May each one of us find time to spend  with the one that refuels our courage. With the new morning comes new mercies and grace. The old has gone and the new has come ! AND REMEMBER,  He is the King who removes every fear.

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