Church Goers and Jesus Followers ~



I am utterly amazed at what I read  on Facebook.  What I have personally witnessed from church goers. Yes, there is a difference between church goers and Jesus followers.    Post scriptures, encouraging post, the trust God kind of post and in their day-to-day life are as mean as the devil.  SO self absorb that it  is just pathetic.

I was always told by my parent’s, “You will know all you need to know about a person by the way they  handle money.” I have never heard a truer statement.

Being a follower of Christ is being REAL and being TRANSPARENT. It is real easy to raise your hands in church on Sunday morning for all to see but what are you really living like during the week?

I totally understand why our world is spinning out of control. So many of us “PLAY THE ROLE” of being a Christian. People are watching Christians to see what they are like when they are in the trenches and when they have been knocked down. This is when our faith meets reality. From what I have seen, there is a lot of work that needs to be done from all of us.  First of all , we need to quit blaming everyone else and start working on ourselves.  We all have failed. I have failed miserable on many occasions but I have admitted my failures and share many of them in the hopes it helps others from making the same mistakes.

Y’all chime in , I would love to hear your thoughts . What do you say to someone who cries poor me. They do not have the money to  pay their bills is their story.  Ask the church for help for groceries and their utility  bill . Then it is brought to the church board that this man might should give up his three packs of cigarettes a day, his tanning package at the tanning salon   and might should have skipped  his vacation to the river resort. So, the board gives the money to him to help but mentions these facts and the member gets mad and quits the church. GET YOUR PRIORITIES IN LINE ~

Or, how about the story of the Church member that leads Bible studies and literally is crying  to church members that they do not have money to pay their bills. The member’s of the church gives  money in their behalf and they go the next week and buy two horses. How do you justify that?

How about the story of being at the car dealership for repairs to your car. You are raising so much cane cussing and ranting  all the while forgetting that you have your church t-shirt on . While you are blessing out the employee, he stops you to tell you,  Your Pastor of your church comes in here and how nice he is, we love your Pastor ! Is this about the time you realize, who you represent?

What about the ones that hear you share your dream in a small group. Because you hear your Pastor say, ” What is shared in a small group, stays in the small group.” Then you see someone in the group take your ideas, your pictures, your video that has your name on it and uses it for their benefit as they take your dream and say it is their idea.

I am convinced the ones that the Lord really notices are not the ones that are the loudest. The ones getting all the attention . The ones that love to post and speak to others publicly about how righteous they are . They love to say,” I am the hands and feet of Jesus. ” The difference  makers  are not always the ones that are seen.

The difference makers most of the time are people who share their struggles. They let you know that they are no different from you. We are in this thing together and we will rise together. They are the ones that are on their knees in their prayer closet. NOT, the ones on the front roll raising their hands. They are the ones that give in secret not the ones that announce all that they have done. They are the ones that serve others when it is truly a sacrifice and not having to post their selfies when they are serving others.  Why do so many of us have to post pictures of what we are doing for the church?  Why do we have to check in on Facebook   every time we enter the  church doors? Are we really doing it for Christ or for self recognition?

For me, being a Christian means I still fail. I am weak in so many areas. But, where I  am weak, he is strong. My help comes from  Christ alone. I make mistakes and I have to fall on my knees and ask for forgiveness. It is empathizing when a brother or sister in Christ is hurting. It is really being there for them. Investing time and not when it is just convenient for you. It is never taking advantage for personal gain.  It is truly appreciating when someone does something for you. When you are the leader of a group and people come and confide to you and ask for your prayers, it is not something we go share. Great positions of leaderships come with great responsibilities.

What happened to the less of me and more of you God? Easy to say, isn’t it? So hard to live. When we want to know why the world is going mad. Maybe it is because we are not living like  the word tells us we should. Maybe it is because we have twisted and turned the word of God so we can justify how we treat others. We justify our greed.  We justify our actions that do not line up with the word of God. The Lord was right on when he said the LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil. I am so sick of people crying poor mouth and people getting suckered in to helping them only to find out they have money for everything they want to do.

The Bible reminds us, for the sake of YOUR name, lead me and guide me.  We all have some soul-searching to do.

For how you act on Sunday is not the true test. It is Monday through Saturday folks. It is the day-to-day walk that tells the tale. It is when we have wronged another to have the courage to step up and own our mistakes.  OR it is when someone has wronged you and you have to forgive when you never got the apology that you truly deserve. Trust me it is not  always easy.  But, I don’t recall the Bible telling us this walk was going to be an easy journey.

When we open up the Bible and compare it to a reflection of our life walk, what do we see? What is reflecting back in the mirror?

Sadly, many  of us Christians have not aligned our  faith with our character: “TRUTH LIES IN CHARACTER. Christ did not simply speak the truth; He was truth; truth, through and through; for truth is a thing not of words, but of life and being.” ~ Frederick W. Robertson

…Let us not love [merely] in theory or in speech but in deed and in truth…” (1 John 3:18, AMP) As a believer, we are the hands and feet of Jesus in this earth. God wants to bless people, and He wants to use you and me to do it! He wants to work through us to show His love and compassion and draw people to Himself.

On the good days and the bad days… Who do we represent?



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1 Response to Church Goers and Jesus Followers ~

  1. metamorphu says:

    Love you my friend! Our pastor just preached on the parable of the wheat and the tares. We must remember, on the day of judgement God will do the sorting. We just need to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.


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