To Live and Proclaim… What Cancer CANNOT Do…



This morning I look out the window at the horse farm. The green pastures, white fencing and old Southern trees bring a sense of peace that is so needed this morning. For this is the morning my Dad starts Chemo, Massive doses of Chemo for a disease that has spread in his stomach, chest and neck. 6 rounds  ( a round is four days a week 4/6 hours a day , 3 weeks off and  back on again. ) of treatments for 6 months.

Yes, there are times that I wish I had a crystal ball so I would know how this all plays out. I have cried. I have begged the Lord. I have worshiped the Lord and I have sat in silence. Cancer truly does not have a face until it is one of your loved ones. Four years ago, I was sitting in the Doctor’s office and I was told I had cancer, I went through all the thoughts of who is going to look after my loved ones, my horses, etc. My Doctor called back two weeks later and said he made a mistake in looking at the test results. Relief…is an understatement.  But, nothing prepares you as you are sitting with your Mom and Dad and listening to the Doctor tell you that your Dad has cancer , aggressive cancer. The fighter inside me wants to stand up and say , not a chance. You have made a mistake~Not on my watch !

As I am battling a hundred different thoughts this morning, banking on so many scriptures, I am asking  the Lord, please give us all a little more faith to believe what we already know. There always comes a point in all of our lives that we have an unsuspected reserve of strength that emerges when life puts us to the test.

My Mom and Dad have this kind of strength.  I just talked to them on the way to the Cancer center.  Tears stream as I cannot be there. I will keep driving back and forth from Alabama to Arkansas.It is hard to see your parent’s go through this as many of you have. It is an added hardship when you are  6 1/2 hours from them.

Yes, fear has come knocking on their door, all of our doors, but, Mom & Dad  are kicking it to the curb. My Dad has said that they have been so blessed. Never really had a serious sickness, us kids have never been serious sick and this is just something they have to get through. Mom says, “He is amazing, he has more strength and determination to fight this, more than ever.” Dad said, “we got to have faith.” They both  said, there is a reason for this. God has a plan and he will get the glory from this.

So… God, whatever your plan is, I ask you to hold my Mom and Dad in the palm of your hand. Strengthen their faith. Bring encouragement to them in this valley and timely help ! May we trust that your will, God, will never take us to a place that your grace will not protect us.

Friends and Family, one last thing, Please don’t share your horror stories to others that are fighting cancer. Positive thoughts are POWERFUL thoughts. I cannot believe how many people have said the most thoughtless things already. The word says, “As a man thinketh… so is he.” If you cannot say something encouraging , Please for the love of God, be quiet.

Second, don’t say, “Call if you need something”.  Why do  we say that people ? Seriously, most likely that call is not going to happen. Better yet, why don’t you pray and ask God to lead you in how you can help someone who is sick or housebound.

Life goes on even though this horrific disease has come. May this be a lesson to us ALL. When someone is sick, widowed, etc.  There are meals that are needed, grass that needs cutting, Groceries that still need to be there and lots of encouragement and cards along the way. Family and loved ones are traveling back and forth to their sick family members. How can you be a difference maker?  PRAY and ASK  God . God  is searching for those who want to be a difference maker, not the ones that just say, Praying for you or Call if you need something.

If you live as a Christian it is monotonous to remind people that you are one. This is a place in life where using your words is not the preferred method. “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words.”_ St. Francis of Assisi



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