This Fight IS Not Just For You ~




Our world has gone crazy. When you read the news and see what the hot topics are today don’t you think, what in the world is happening? Twenty years ago, we would have never ever heard of these debates. Even ten or five years ago.  What has changed?

I believe we have taken our eyes off of the Creator and placed them on the creation. I am not here to judge and it drives me nuts when we as believers  start speaking about our beliefs and what we stand for that there is ALWAYS someone that says we are judging or we are being moralistic. Please come up with a new line.

I am the first one to say I have made more mistakes than I care to count. Last year, I truly fell on my face and this warrior dropped her sword and felt as if the enemy laid me at his feet. What I learned through that long violent season is I took my eyes off of the Lord. I placed them on the circumstances.  It was not often enough that I was on my knees.  It was not often enough that I was in his word. I listened to the lies of the enemy and he won the battle. But, I am here standing still saying he did not win the war. God pulled me out of the pit and clothe me with righteousness that I did not deserve. So trust me when I say, I am not here to judge but  be a voice to tell the truth.

Friends, we are NOT called to fit it or follow others. The Lord created us to stand out. The Lord equipped us and appointed us to lead others to Him.

We need to step out to the FRONT LINE. We need to fight for those who are too weak to fight for themselves. We need to STAND for the principles that we grew up on and we need to speak the TRUTH no matter the cost. Even the Lord said he despised lukewarm. Get on the fence or get off  the fence but stand for something.

We need to look forward to the great victories that are in front of us. We do not have to hide behind insecurity or fears any longer. Strip away the doubts and the what if’s. We got to believe.

The Lord will turn our pain into passion to change this world, we simply need to ask of Him.  We HAVE To find our way to the front line. FRONT AND CENTER !  We have to hide this truth in our heart, We have got to be strong in the power of his might and to prove to the enemy,we are the army of the Lord and we have won the victory. We have to chose what side we are on , the darkness or the light because this fight is not just about you or me, it is for ALL those we love dearly ! Lord, remind us of your faithful ways.

May we fall on our knees and say, All that is within me Lord desires to be a difference maker for you. The mountains before me are nothing for with YOU… I am a mountain climber.

May the Lord give us courage to step out in faith and bring revival to our homes, our community and ultimately our nation.  Zechariah 10:5 says-” Together they will be like MIGHTY WARRIORS in battle trampling their enemy into the mud of the streets. They will fight because the Lord is with them and they will put the enemy to shame.”

The righteous are as BOLD, BRAVE and COURAGEOUS  as a Lion. Proverbs 28:1

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  1. celta says:

    Beautifully and powerfully spoken!


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