UnJustly Accused and How to Rise Above ~


A Godly prayer warrior friend of mine and I do mean PRAYER WARRIOR has sent me several things to read lately. What a blessing it is when God puts Godly friends in your life and  they give you life giving words to build you up, help you grow. What beautiful seeds she is planting and her harvest will abound from the Lord.

I am going to share one of several steps in this article  she sent of how we can battle false accusations or darts from the enemy when they come are way. Know that the enemy can still use  people,  sometimes that includes family, friends and sometimes people that are in the body of Christ. All we can do is pray that that the truth be revealed and it will be, it is always.

So what do you do in the midst of a trial? Isn’t it one thing when someone in business or the world says something, but what if it was your inner circle? Whom you considered a friend? What do you do in that situation?  Forgive….Forgive….Forgive??? There are times that it is hard. Especially when you know the truth, others have witnessed the truth and yet the accusations and snide remarks continue. The Lord tells us to pray for your enemies. If we are honest, sometimes it feels impossible. I know I want to say, Lord, did you see this? Did you hear that? Lord, you know my heart and you know , YOU KNOW.” Oh, how Jesus can come in and comfort. He can say, Yes, I have seen my child. Yes, I have heard. Yes, I know. For you see, all that is happening to you has happened to me. I have walked that walk when I was in the world. But, take heart, I have overcome the world. I am greater than your circumstance. I am greater than your greatest need. Trust in me. I know best. This is going to strengthen you for my plans. The plans for you that is coming. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!!!!

~ Trust….Trust…. Trust….

So, in the midst when it is hard to pray fro your enemies, what do you do? You pray. I pray. The Lord knows it is hard for us. He will give us HIS strength to do so until we can do it on our own. He will carry us . He will carry us when we cannot walk just like we do with  our own beloved children. We carry them until they are able to walk on their own. Then they run and as you know, run they do ~

So take heart, Take on the heart of our Savior. Lord, create in me a new heart. Give me a steadfast spirit. Renew and give me your strength Lord. With you all things are new. All things are possible. I am yours Lord. Take me, guide me and help me continue to grow into the woman you have created me to be in all my ways. Help me to guard my thoughts, guard my heart, for it is possible with you.

1 Peter 3:16-17 (AMP) And see to it that] your conscience is entirely clear, so that, when you are falsely accused as evildoers, those who threaten you abusively and revile your right behavior in Christ may come to be ashamed [of slandering your good lives]. For [it is] better to suffer [unjustly] for doing right, if that should be God’s will, than to suffer [justly] for doing wrong.

My hope is this first point in this article speaks to your heart as loudly as it spoke to mine. Enjoy !

Guard your heart.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23). We desperately need that reminder when we are under attack. Let’s face it. Unless we guard our own heart, we will soon be down in the gutter with our opponents. We’ll be tempted to answer in kind, to attack them as they have attacked us, to vilify them, to smear their reputation, and in general to do whatever we have to do to get even with them.

It’s frightening how quickly we can fall into the attack mode when we are angry and hurt.

Remember this. You can’t control what people do to you or what they say about you. In the Internet age, anyone with a computer can make any sort of ugly attack, post it on the Internet and hide behind a cloak of anonymity. Technology has made it too easy to say whatever we want and then post it on Facebook or YouTube or a discussion board. So our challenge must be to guard our own heart when we are under attack.

You can’t control what people do to you or what they say about you.
How do we do that? Here are a few suggestions . . .

Stay in the Word.
Repeat the promises of God.
Listen to Christian music.
Sing a lot–out loud.
Hang out with positive people.
Ask your friends to hold you accountable for how you respond.
Pray that Christ might be magnified in your life.
Keep an eye out for “God sightings.”

Ask your friends to hold you accountable for how you respond.
Stay busy serving others.
Practice daily repentance.
Give thanks that God is working in ways you can’t imagine through these attacks.
Pray for those who have unfairly accused you.

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  2. Pamela says:

    You know Darla, in this time in history, we are the generation so closely compared to Sodom and Gomorrah. Wicked, self serving and vile. Not that anything has really changed through the years, ie: sinners, sinners, sinners. People who have a tendency to lean toward narcissism, fulfill their inner desire to be first and best at all cost, even if it means to hack up a friend in the process. Those people are driven with a power that consumes them. Satan is their pilot. Most of the time they are in attack mode and fail to see what damage they have done. When they are still, long enough, it occurs to them what has happened, but in their mind it is too late, They are ashamed. And the process starts again. Until they have leveled the playing field. They need prayer the most!! They are their own worst enemy. They can’t seem to stop or get away from it. Unfortunately they have become an instrument of the enemy and the downward spiral begins. If we could learn to see the end result instead of what is happening at the moment, we could see where they are headed and do our very best to head them off at the pass. But, because we are human, we feel the pain of the darts thrown at us. Thats why we all need JESUS! Thats what prayer brings to the table..the ability to see where this will end if we don’t intercede in prayer on their behalf. We are to love the enemy enough to not want to see them suffer. To not want to see them head straight for hell. When we do this, thats when we know we have a heart like Jesus. I want to have that kind of heart. I want to know what it feels like to love the unlovable. I would classify myself as unlovable at times. I can be very stern and steadfast. When I think I’m right, I’M RIGHT AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS WRONG! And I can find ways to justify it to myself and them. I feel like I’m more right when someone wrongs me and I think I must prove it to everyone. I have seen over the years that they weren’t really doing it to me, they were trying instead to stop me from getting to where God wanted me to be. The more I stayed angry and frustrated, the longer I stayed in the Valley without answers. Its when I gave up trying..it got clearer. It’s not about me. It never was. Sometimes we may never know what or why,,its in the giving up and letting go that we continue our journey…never realizing that our dreams came true eventually. Just something I didn’t realize I was going to share this morning. God had other plans..Again, I am always grateful for your time spent with God and that you put it in writing for us to glean from..XXOO Pam


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  4. Sandra says:

    Thank you I needed this❤️


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