Let it be….


One year ago today, I started this website. Got a Happy Anniversary notification this morning from Word Press. One year, wow ~ As I reflect and I look back at the year, the lessons that I have wrote about, I look back and say, BUT GOD !

There have been deep valleys and high mountains in this last year. God is more real to me than he has ever been. Friends, he truly draws closer to us when we draw closer to him.

Right now, this very moment, this season that I am in is one  of great testing. I have faltered, I have cried because the pain is so real and the attacks are fierce, BUT GOD, has been there every step of the way. He has protected me  from  physical danger. He is protecting me spiritually through mighty and fierce spiritual warriors that have rallied beside me in this battle that is before me. The Lord opened their  spiritual eyes to this battle and they are surrounding me with encouraging words and prayer. It is like anointing oil being poured over my head.

This journey that I am on is one of redemption. I am also learning the more equipped and spiritually fit I get, the more opposition comes against me. It is confusing and it is painful, BUT GOD, is not the God of disorder but the God of peace. I must go back to the foundations that I believe in  at times like this.

So, set before me is the question, do you really? Do you really believe what you say? Do you really, no matter what? So what is my answer to this real and powerful enemy that is attacking, My answer is this, JESUS !

I trust in the one and only Mighty God. He is my savior. Through his mercy, strength and love, I will be victorious.  The Lord is my shepherd. I will rest in his arms. I have to submit to him in all my ways and rest in his arms.

God is with me. I am NOT alone. Lord, show me your ways. With all my heart and soul, I live to worship you and lead me to righteousness for your name sake.

Every day, I need you more. Everywhere I go, may I remind myself and constantly meditate on the fact that I am not alone. I Know that I KNOW that you are with me.

Lord, I am seeking you this morning. Thank you for your protective hand. Thank you for your blessings of spirit filled believers surrounding me and reaching out to me. Perfect timing that only can come from you my loving Father.

Guide me today and the days ahead. I worship you Lord. Your power and your glory are so real. Your holiness is so real. Your presence is before me. Lord, your mercy and wonders  truly awakes my senses to a level I have never known. Whenever I call your name, you are there.

The name, “JESUS” has so much power. We grew up hearing about it. We sang songs in church about it as children. But, now I KNOW just how powerful the name really is and there is no other name but Jesus. The only name that saves. The redeeming name. The name that brings hope. The name that brings protection. The name that should create worship in each one of us.  As my new favorite song  from Christie Nockels says….. Let it be , Let it be Jesus, the FIRST name that I call. Now and forever more.

God is faithful. This Sovereign God of the universe truly deserves ALL praise by ALL people. May my voice ring loud ! He is all that I need ~




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2 Responses to Let it be….

  1. Pamela says:

    You know, I look forward to these postings. I look forward to read and see what He says to you, to your heart. What you write is what is inside of you! Imagine, if everyone was so transparent in what was inside of them? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to get to the answer or the solution we are longing for? By you being so transparent, it is easier for the enemy to find your “Achilles” heel. But, with that said, it also shows you are not afraid of the enemy!! Show what you are made of. Show the full armor of God! You are protected from top to bottom. No one side of you is not covered in prayer, in armor and in love from your Maker!! The enemy has no power over you, over us and certainly over Jesus. It brings to mind the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness. Fasting and hungry the devil approaches, and tempts Him,,and Jesus casts him aside. Even when we are at are weakest hour, He is with us, building us up to fight off the temptations, which the enemy brings to our face. Yes, like He said, its not easy but its worth it!!!!!

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  2. Amen Darla! He is all that we need in this world. Enjoyed your post.


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