Remember Who We Are Fighting For…


Today is a new day. It is still dark outside and I sit here quietly before the Lord. I keep thinking about the scripture in James 5:16 that says…

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

As I filter through my thoughts, I find myself saying I want to be more righteous. MORE RIGHTEOUS. How I desire each day for my prayers to be more effective. My desire is to tap into the power he has placed  within us more each day for His plans. We are in a spiritual war and evil is all around us. It is time we as Christians start to fight. The call to battle has been long overdue. As believers in Christ we are also warriors for Christ. We are  vessels that the Lord has chosen and  HE has given us the power to fight our enemy here on Earth. 

There is something that really needs to be said again. We hear it so often that we discount it. Our mouth is a powerful weapon. One of the most powerful weapons we have. Each and every day we have a choice to make .We can speak life to ourselves and to others or we can speak death.  James tells us that the tongue is a powerful weapon and with it we build up or tear people down. We can speak with love and compassion or we can crush someones spirit.

As believers, we are called to be a light. We are to use our words to counteract the enemy’s attacks on God’s people. In the church we are lacking on this and this should not be. We spend so many days attacking each other with our words or stirring the pot aimlessly that we are not putting on the mind of Christ and standing in unity. The Lord can anoint our mouth to speak life and bring hope to the hopeless. We as the body of Christ are called to speak life changing truths to others. We can speak change to the world around us.

How do we do this successfully? We have to obey God’s word and depend on him to control our tongue. James  tells us that no man can tame the tongue. I am so thankful that we serve the  ONE true Sovereign God and through him ALL things are possible to those who believe. We have to do our part. Do not listen only but obey God’s word. Seek him intentionally. In  all our ways acknowledge him and He will guide our paths.

May we speak the truth in love today and be blessed by our God. Every time we open our mouth today may we bring a refreshing word to someone who needs it.

Again, there is a war going on between the wrong and and right. We must chose whose side we are on, the darkness or the light.  There is a song from Harvest playing in my head right now from 30 years ago……

Are we walking into the enemies camp
Laying our weapons down
Shedding our armor as we go
Leaving it on the ground

We’ve got to be strong in the Power of his Might
Prove to the enemy
We are the army of the Lord and we’ve won the victory

May each of us  REMEMBER who we are fighting for ~

In HIs Love and Mine,

Darla Jean

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