How Much Love Do We Really Show?

love and giving

Giving is good and I know most of us give things or money this time of year and yes, that is nice. BUT, showing love, real love and giving your time with your money or gifts is another story.

The greatest gift we can give is our time. Helping people when it is NOT convenient for us. Helping others when not a soul knows about it. We are not getting the credit or we are not in front of an audience or being the center of attention. Do we spend time serving others when it is out of our comfort zone? Checking in or stopping by on friends and really listening to them can make such a difference. Please listen to what your love ones say, quit multi tasking all the time and show them that they are more valuable than the phone in your hand. Life is so very short.

Which is easier, giving money to the needy and less fortunate or serving the needy and spending time with them? Letting them know God has not forgotten them as you give.

People do not care how much we KNOW until they know how much we CARE ~ My horses taught me that for sure. A good question for each of us this time of year and ALL year, How much love do we show while we are giving, serving, talking to others? Sometimes , in this busy life, we miss the silver lining because we are expecting gold ~

In HIs Love and Mine,

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1 Response to How Much Love Do We Really Show?

  1. Nice post Darla. You are so very right, our time is perhaps the most important and meaningful thing we can give. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I wish you a happy 2015 as well!


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