Beliefs vs. Behavior


I was talking to an old classmate recently and being a christian was one of the topics. Christianity…. what does the word mean when you hear it? Webster defines it as-

Full Definition of CHRISTIANITY

: the religion derived from Jesus Christ, based on the Bible as sacred scripture, and professed by Eastern, Roman Catholic, and Protestant bodies
: conformity to the Christian religion
: the practice of Christianity

What word stand out to you? Conformity stands out for me. To me, it is to conform to the example of Jesus, pure and simple. HE was the Son of God. He is the perfect example .

How do you treat others? Do you build them up or tear them down? Do you talk behind peoples backs?  As Christians, we still talk behind peoples back but we do it more politically correct, We ask, will you prayer for ________? Then we precede to spill all that is wrong with that person.  Do you support them even if there is things that you don’t see eye to eye on? Do you  accept that people may be different than you but equally happy? Are you still nice to them when you know that they are speaking negatively of you?  When they have been rude to you? When they have not included you in things? When they made you feel like you fell off the radar? When they have taken advantage of you~ Yep, the last ones are hard ones aren’t they? It is hard to walk it out at  times. It is for us all. We cannot do it on our own but we can with  the grace and love that the Heavenly Father has extended to us. We must be compelled by his goodness to turn from our ways and walk into the life that he has for each of us.

As I said in my previous topic, it is not the boulder that we stumble over because we see them in our path. It is the pebbles along the path that we stumble over. It is the small thoughts that creep in,  why did he do that? Or why did she say that? Then we start analyzing and thinking about it more and more. Then we start talking with others about it. We start harboring resentment and before we know it that root of bitterness has formed.

I believe when we can look at ourself and recognizing where change is needed and start making those changes, it is a sign of strength and maturity. This definitely applies to spiritual maturity.

Our Savior gave his life at the cross for us to have eternal life.  Only we can make the choice to become all he has created us to be. NOTHING will change without obedience to his word.  His UNCHANGEABLE word. ALL of HIS WORD. He is calling us to LET GO of our old life and ((((C-l-i-n-g-)))) to the new life that he has offered us.

The more we lean in to him, the more we listen and obey and be real and transparent , we will find more than we dreamed, more than any temporary pleasure this world can offer. We will be on the path to renewed passion, unshakeable peace (NOT FEAR) and his everlasting joy.

May each and every day we walk in the footsteps of Jesus . May we know his restoring  power . May we experience his redeeming love and may it be a testimony to everyone you meet today ~

Last thought , it is not really our reputation that we ruin when we do not walk out our faith, it is our Lord and Savior. When we don’t walk the walk , it gives the world a chance to mock him. Go back and read this again. This verse may be the verse that we need to write on duct tape and place it over our mouth and our heart ~~~~ Lord, may we honor your name ~~~~  For Psalms 31:3 tells us…

New International Version
Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of YOUR name lead and guide me.

New Living Translation
You are my rock and my fortress. For the honor of YOUR name, lead me out of this danger.

King James Bible

For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for THY name’s sake lead me, and guide me.

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1 Response to Beliefs vs. Behavior

  1. coachmbrown says:

    Spot on! Our desire to conform to Christ Jesus’ life and message transforms us – Rom 12:2. What we choose to conform to will transform us! As for me, I choose Jesus too.

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