Each Day His Grace Finds Me ~



Psalm 143God is so faithful.

He continues to remind me that He is not calling for a perfect heart but an obedient one. Four words He has given me….Four words I say over and over…. REAL….TRANSPARENT…. LISTEN….. OBEY ~ Every day. In every situation that life brings.

Last night was the last meeting of our Summer small group. It is so awesome to see a group sharing the answers to prayer. The struggles with life and share how the Lord is working through the midst of it all. For me, He is showing me that when I am real and reveal my weaknesses that He shows up. He is the strength that I need.

He gave me confirmations last night that were so needed for where I am in my life right now. Most of the time we never know what we do when we are obedient to him does in the big scheme of things. We seldom see the results. Last night through a special lady sharing a story, HE showed me what happens when I will be obedient to what He tells me to do. He showed what happens when I will step out of my comfort zone, yes with knees knocking and I start getting red spots all over my skin that look like a Dalmatian when I get nervous, STEP OUT. IF only I will take the first step, I will find him there. I know it is not possible in my own strength but He is the strength that I need. He allowed a door to open and I got to see what happens when I obey. The domino effect was breathtaking ~

A friend of mine that has seen me display my good, bad and ugly side said to me recently when she met me years ago that she was amazed at the confidence I had. It overflowed. Where did that go? My answer was, “Was it confidence or arrogance?” He has stripped away so many things and there is STILL more work to be done. He is stripping away the pride in the wrong things. The stinking thinking , the worldly attitudes. He has and continues to create in me a new heart. This unfamiliar territory that I am walking on is truly out of my comfort zone. But, if it is one thing that I am learning it is this, the only way we grow is to step out of the comfort zone. He is stretching my faith in ways that I have never dreamed. He is using the vulnerable side of me to make a difference. He really did take me up on my request, Less of me and more of Him. Be prepared when you say that to Him.

The last couple of weeks I have seen thoughts and attitudes surface that I did not even know was inside me. The potter is surely at work. The stripping away of the impurities is happening. Just like the song lyrics of the Potter’s hand, HE is gently calling me into His presence. He is guiding me and teaching me to live all my life through His eyes.

He is taking me and molding me, using me and filling me, calling me and guiding me each step of the way. He is walking beside me and one thing I know for sure is each day He is holding my life and my hopes and dreams in His hands.

He is my beautiful Lord and wonderful Savior. Lord, set me apart. Draw me closer to you.

I truly give my life to the Potter’s hand. Keeping it real, transparent, listening and obeying my loving Savior. The days I don’t get it right, the days I fall on my face, He picks me up. His mercies are new every morning. Each battle, Each trial is one step closer to being clothe with more of His character. Know that God gave us righteousness to do right, we do not do right to get more righteousness.

Thank you for walking this journey with me. There is never a dull moment. He is an amazing God. Each day in every way His grace finds me ~

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