He Is Searching For A Heart Like His ~



As I am spending my quiet time with the Lord this beautiful quiet morning. All my dogs are sleeping. The sun is peaking in through the french doors. It is reflecting off the hardwood floors. My husband and son have gone to work. The house is asleep besides the faint sound of the clock ticking. What a calmness there is over my home this morning.  I picked up one of the books I have beside my chair . I found another copy of A Heart Like His by Beth Moore at a flea market for my beautiful sister in law Robin.  I adore this book. It is one of my favorites of the hundreds I have in my bookcase. I am a person that has always read multiple books at the same time. Currently, I am reading five. So, it is interesting that I would pick this one up again this morning but I know to obey this feeling when it comes to me. The gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit. It is here in this book that the Holy Spirit  wanted to remind me once again what my Father is searching for in my heart and all of our hearts.

Holy Spirit keep reminding me. Keep nudging me. Keep teaching me how to press in harder to know more about our heavenly Father. Thank you for guiding us in ALL truths. Thank you for reminding me again how my gifts are still within me.

2 Chronicles 16:9- For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.

Take a minute in your mind and think what it would have been like on that particular day, thousands of years ago.  The eyes of the Lord looked throughout the whole earth and fell upon a tiny village called Bethlehem. The Lord found a heart, one heart after His own. He found a heart tender to little lost sheep. A protector of these helpless sheep that killed a lion and a bear with his bare hands.  The Lord showed Himself on behalf of this heart. God chose this heart of David. On the surface and to all others this choice made no sense. But God does not work on sense, does He?  He works on grace. Sweet Grace. Amazing Grace.  God knew what He was doing.

The Lord said to Samuel, “DO NOT consider his appearance or his height for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart. ” 1Samuel 16:7 The Lord spoke this to Samuel when he first saw David’s eldest brother Eliab.

Just think what David must have been feeling when the Prophet Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his father and brothers. I just wonder what was he thinking as the oil dripped down his head, probably into his eyes, his clothes. The word says the Spirit of the Lord came upon David in power. So many times reading about David, I wish I could have been there. A witness to this glorious event. God was working in David’s life from the beginning. Our same God who prepared King David has been preparing you and me throughout our lives also. It took years before David filled the position that he was anointed for as a young boy. He was thirty years old before he became King. God’s timing is so different from our timing. It is perfect timing. It takes time to build a one of a kind masterpiece.

God is working in our lives. Preparing us each step of the way just as He did David. On the surface and to others it might not make sense just like it did not make sense then.  Thanking the Lord that He does not work on what makes sense or He would surely bypass me. The gifts we were given as a young child are still within us today. Romans 11:29 tells us , for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.Let me say it a different way,  For God’s gifts and His call can never be withdrawn. GOD NEVER CHANGES HIS MIND WHEN HE GIVES GIFTS OR CALLS SOMEONE ~ This scripture has given me a new lease on life. For I know I was given spiritual gifts when I was a teenager. I did not use these gifts  for many years. I even thought for years that I had lost these  gifts or the Lord took them away from me because of the years that I was not fully committed to Him.

When I was on our missions trip to Israel. One of the team members wanted to pray with me one night. She told me that the Lord had revealed to her  the gift I have. She said you also know you have this gift. She gave details to me. She said the Lord has revealed to me that you have suppressed this gift. Darla, He wants to tell you that this gift is not for you but He has given you this gift for others. I was amazed and humbled. For I had not met this church member before our training of our missions trip. It was truly confirmation from the Lord.  Decades passed  since  this gift was used.  Then a couple of months later our Pastor Chris Hodges gave us a powerful message and spoke this scripture Romans 11:29.  It was a reminder to me what my team member spoke to me in Israel. How did I miss this scripture after all these years? I grew up in church.  I went to a Christian Ministries college and yet I never ran across it. When I heard this scripture, it was like ALL the stadium lights turned on at the same time into my heart. Because of HIs grace and His mercy , I still have these gifts. I cherish them. I long to nurture them. I want to strengthen them for the work He has given me to do in this journey. All for His purpose and His glory ~

I had a conversation with a beautiful Christian woman two night ago. I was describing this journey that I am on now. I told her in my past I was confident in so many areas of my life. The position I held, the accomplishments I worked hard for and the characteristics that I had that I carried with pride. I told her that I feel they are gone now. The things that I showed confidence in, it is almost like I don’t have them anymore. I am truly walking into unfamiliar territory. She told me these words, “The Lord has broken you.” He sometimes takes away the things that we were once confident in so He can fill us up with better things. He wants me to be dependent on Him. He will either use those things you held in high regard in a different way or He will pour  new things into you.

This is a reminder today for you and for me, God is not looking for a perfect heart but an obedient heart. A heart that he can mold . A heart that will listen for His whisper. A heart that will use the gifts he has instilled in us for others.  A heart that He can use to share the gospel  to that one more. That one more for the kingdom. He is searching for a heart like His. Lord, create in us a new heart. A heart that is pleasing unto you. A heart that is a reflection of you in all that we say and all that we do ~ Truly Lord, A heart like yours ~


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