The Lord Has Come For The World ~



I know I am going to step on some toes in this post, But please, I ask and pray that you continue reading anyway.

I read so many post with being in several groups of Christian writers. I read Facebook and follow pages with so many Christians writing about the current state of  our country.

Yes, I agree it is bad. Yes, I believe that there will be consequences if we do not turn from our wicked ways and humble ourselves and pray and ask forgiveness from our God. God’s word does not return void. Just read 2 Chronicles 7:14.  BUT, there is HOPE ~  It is not all doom and gloom like I read on so many post. We spend so much time complaining and pointing out all that is wrong with the world that we do not look at what is right. We need to change our perspective ~ God did not come to the world to destroy it BUT to save it.

In the Bible the early Christians did not go around saying, ” Look what the world has come to.” Rather they went out with GREAT JOY and said to ALL men, ” LOOK WHAT HAS COME TO THE WORLD.”

There is a great difference between these two attitudes. Yes, the world is in bad shape. I read the news. It breaks my heart. BUT, I read the second chapter Of Romans and I find that the world was in AWFUL condition in Paul’s time too. The unique Gospel of Jesus offers the solution to man’s problems. LOOK !!!!  SEE ~~~ What has come to the world. God’s revelation of Himself in ALL HIS power, wisdom and love through the shedding of His only son Jesus Christ.


This is a message which we cannot keep to ourselves. We must tell everybody about it. We as Christ followers must take off the mask. We must be real. We must speak in love. We must speak in truth even if our voice is shaking.  We condemn the sin but not the person.  Do we forget we were once sinners? We were lost at one time ourselves. We must radiant and have joy.  For we have found the treasure ALL are seeking.  We have seen what has come into the world and must work for the advancement of His kingdom until He comes again.

God has not come back yet. So, there is work to be done. There is a harvest to gather. Our  Lord set an example when he walked this earth. He saw a need and filled it and He saw a hurt and healed it. He did not win the thousands he did by telling them turn or burn.  Yes, he spoke to them about their sin but he spoke with wise words. The Lord set an example to us all on how we are to approach winning others for His kingdom. Since, it after all is HIS kingdom maybe we should do it HIS way.

IF we will focus on the LORD. Honor Him above all.  Do what He has called us to do as Christians, this world WILL change. There is a  Revelation happening all around us.  God is still on the throne ~  Open you eyes to the work of God that is surrounding you. Better yet, allow the work of God to be manifested in you to win others. Spend more time focused on winning others for Christ instead of what is wrong with the world.

Sharing some of the notes I have taken in a class that I am attending… Know that Jesus in not YOUR personal savior. Jesus came to be  the savior of the world and YOU have an intimate relationship with him.   Know that God’s task will be accomplished.

If we will keep our eye on the prize and do what he has called us to do as Christ Followers, the world WILL change.  Be the change you want to see. The time for change is now and that person to change is YOU, it is us. ~ We are either discipling people towards Christ or we are discipling people in Christ.

The church is a sending place to utilize your skills in every area of your life. Your home, work, hobbies, everywhere.  Know that God blesses His people in order to accomplish HIS PURPOSE ~  Let’s get to the place that we say, Lord, do it again. Where the water once flowed let it flow again. Let’s be  willing to say, I will go anywhere at anytime to do anything for you ~ When we have that kind of mindset, the world will catch fire to the hope that is within us.

The Joshua Project has reported that there are 16,500 people coming to Christ in Africa DAILY ! True Christianity has grown by more that 300 million in the last 10 years. 10 million in North America and Europe and 290 million in Brazil, India and China.  PRAISE GOD !!!! PRAISE GOD !!!!

They also  report that 1.7 to 1.8 million have never heard the name of Jesus. Praising God for the ones saved and knowing there is so much work to be done. Let me say again, He is still on the throne. He still has a plan that He wants to accomplish through you and me.

Friends, there is work to be done.  One of the core values of the church is to keep the main thing the main thing. THIS TASK WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED BY GOD. The question, I have for you, for us all. Will you be the vessel that He uses to complete this task? It is our calling. It is time to embrace our calling.

Sharing this heart to heart,  I know His grace is sufficient for my strength is made perfect in weakness. God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.  I know this because God has chosen me. Called me out. Called me not to fit in but to stand out. He has called you to do the same. God is not limited. The devil does not win. Read the book.  Amen ~ IN him your love with not be crippled. Your faith cannot corrode. Your confidence will not be destroyed . Your courage will not be silenced. Your spirit will not be quenched and HE WILL INVADE YOUR SOUL and give you HIS RESURRECTED POWER ~   In this the love of God was manifested toward us that God has sent His only begotten son into  the world that we might live through HIM ~ 1 John 4:9

I pray that you brace hold of this truth today ~ House to House and Heart To Heart with gladness let us share the love of the Lord ~


Credits-Information was from the The Joshua Project,  Perspectives book, Bible and an excerpt from House to House.

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