Is Our Lens In Focus?


This past weekend I finally broke down and bought a Nikon D3200 Camera.  A little complicated  but I am learning. As I practice with the lens and move it in and out of focus the thought occurred to me that our life and the way we view things is so much like a camera.

It is all about the lens in which we view things. Turn our perspective just a bit just like the lens and we have a great view, a great attitude.  Take our eyes off of the Lord and our lens can get distorted and out of focus. Do we “capture” the work of God around us every day? Do we allow the “negatives” to control us? Do we take the good and bad “shot’s” that life brings us with courage and do we have  the joy of the Lord no matter what the circumstance is before us?

I am learning that if I will listen, the Holy Spirit uses the everyday things to guide me and teach me more of the Lord and His Character, His ways. I just have to be close to Him to hear his voice.  As He always reminds me, I have to be close to someone to hear their whisper. Thank you  Father for this spiritual lesson with this physical camera that I hold in my hands.

I saw a pin on Pinterest that is so appropriate for this thought,  Life is like a camera, just “focus” on what is important and “capture” the good times, “develop” from the “negatives” and if things don’t work out…… TAKE ANOTHER SHOT ~

How awesome is that? Take another shot, Try again,  Pick yourself up. After all we serve a living , breathing, all knowing, powerful,  Sovereign God that is the God of second shots, second chances. He is a God that is creating  each one of us to be an award winning “Masterpiece” that He is framing and hanging on His Heavenly walls. We are HIS artwork, wonderfully and beautifully made.

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2 Responses to Is Our Lens In Focus?

  1. Donowens says:

    Another great lesson. Thx

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  2. darla05 says:

    Baby, it is amazing how God works. He is in all things. How many lessons does He long to teach us if we will only have the LENS to see them. Lord, open our eyes to the lessons you want us to learn.


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