~For Your Name Sake~

IMG_1299 I wanted to share with you an event from our trip in Israel. When I was in the prayer tower of King of Kings church in Jerusalem, I encountered the presence of the Lord . Over whelming~~~~

This tower has a 360 degree view from a 14th floor overlooking this city that the Lord loves so much. HE is the keeper of Israel. I wish each one of you could experience this place. I encourage you to do so. It is life changing.

I stumbled upon a note that I wrote in a Bible that I had when I was 18 years old . I carried this older Bible because we were told that our Bibles could be taken when we were visiting the Temple Mount and I did not want to loose the one I have cherished for 20 plus years. Inside the yellow pages was this note….. This 48 year old woman looking back at herself at 18 years old was enlightening…..God is risking HIS GOOD NAME in dealing with you. IF you don’t turn out well it will give the world an occasion to mock him. IF YOU genuinely surrender your life to him you can REST ASSURE that he will not make any mistakes in molding your life. Based on Psalms 31:3 ~~~ Since you are my rock and my fortress for the sake OF YOUR NAME lead and guide me.

My hope and prayer is for each one of you to grasp this truth and for my younger friends and family  grasp it early. Do not wait so long as I did to totally surrender. You will be so much further along than I am at this middle age. Thanking God that he never let go of me even when I was running from him. Folks, God is faithful ~ I cannot let a day go by without letting someone know that HIS grace found me. The SOVEREIGN GOD OF THE UNIVERSE chose YOU and ME before the foundations of the Earth were formed. That my friend is something to get encouraged and excited about !

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  1. Robin says:

    Thank you for sharing, Darla.


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